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Special 10% Discount for our loyal Members
Memphis Rewards is an exclusive program designed for our most loyal customers who experienced our service. Whether you have been to Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey, Dubai, or Oman with Memphis Tours, you can now re-experience our services on your next vacation in any destination of your choice, from our offered destinations. You can come back and get a different taste of your previous destination, or you can choose any other offered destination to get a brand new experience with Memphis Tours.

The program offers you an immediate 10% discount on ANY package you select with us starting from your second trip, regardless of the amount you spent, the timing of your trip, the destination you selected, or any trick anyone can think of. You are eligible to join our program without any restrictions, regulations, or policies limiting your choice.

But wait a minute.. Did you use all of your vacation time on this trip to Europe? Are you confused about what to buy your loved ones in Christmas? Well, good news, we got you covered ;)

Your membership never expires, and yes, we mean it lasts your whole life so you can redeem it right now, or in your 60th anniversary. Moreover, you can also pass the discount to any of your family members, relatives or friends, and we will take care of them for you.
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